You Think Your Neighbors Are Bad . . .

by:  Peter J. Gallagher

Anyone who thinks they have bad neighbors better pay attention to this story.  A man with the too-good-to-be-true name of Titus Terranova put up a sign warning potential purchasers of his neighbor's house about what they were in for if they moved in next door.  According to the story by the local Colorado TV station, "Neighbor's Warning Sign Scares Off Home Buyers" (h/t: Marketplace),  the sign, which is hand painted on the side of Titus Terranova's RV reads: "Warning: 3 Rottweilers, Loud Parties, Loud Music, Loud Cars, Anti-Horse, Fireworks."  Naturally the current owners of the home objected to their neighbors brutal honesty, but Titus Terranova appears undeterred.  As you can see in the attached clip, he told one reporter: "As far as I know, that thing right up there on that pole," he said pointing to the large American flag fluttering above his home, "gives me right to do whatever I want to do unless I hurt somebody else."

UPDATE:  I just noticed my favorite part of the sign – the line on the bottom inviting people to "call for more info."  Can you imagine the conversation?  "Yes, I have a question about the fireworks…"

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