One Thing IKEA Doesn’t Sell — 10-Foot Hot Dogs

by:  Peter J. Gallagher

I have previously written about my love/hate relationship with IKEA ("IKEA Furniture, Your Kids, Origami, And Locke's Theory Of Property . . . Perfect Together").  Well, this weekend my wife and I were shopping at IKEA for a new table and noticed this sign advertising hot dogs at the IKEA cafe:

Note the bottom right corner of the sign where IKEA warns you that the hot dogs are not shown actual size.  Really?  Did someone think that the company that can pack a 10-foot table into a two foot box was also capable of making 10-foot hot dogs and selling them for 50 cents?  More likely is that this is just another example of why people  dislike lawyers, because someone would probably sue for false advertising if the sign didn't contain this obscenely obvious disclaimer.

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