What Happened To All Those Nazi Bomb Shelters?

by:  Peter J. Gallagher

 I am sure you were all asking yourselves this very same question as you commuted into work this morning?  Fortunately, archdaily.com has the answer (h/t PropertyProf Blog).  In a post called Berlin's Bunkers, archdaily tells the story of what became of the more than 200 air raid shelters and flak towers that the Nazis built throughout Berlin to protect citizens and soldiers from attack.  Only about 50 bunkers remain, and are being put to interesting and creative use:

In present day Berlin, the remaining bunkers nearly blend in to the surrounding cityscape. Only one flak tower still remains, and it has been overgrown with greenery and is now part of a public park. Only about fifty of the air raid shelters are still standing, but it seems as though each is used differently. Some of these shelters are also overgrown and incorporated as public parks, while others sit empty. Other remaining bunkers continue to thrive as hauntingly chic venues for nightclubs and fashion events. Probably the most innovative use of an abandoned bunker can be found on Reinhardtstrasse in Mitte. This shelter has been converted into an art gallery on the lower floors, and on the top level is a penthouse for the owner.


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