Beyond Solar: New Jersey’s Commitment To Renewable Energy

Faced with an overburdened power grid, rising energy prices, and a distressed economy, New Jersey is moving forward with an ambitious plan to implement a state-of-the-art renewable energy infrastructure. The goal is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy. At the same time, the state government hopes to fuel a much-needed economic recovery by creating new jobs that will be relevant for years to come. By being proactive, New Jersey has emerged as a nationally recognized leader in solar power development. However, while solar power gets most of the media attention, its large-scale production remains costly. Because of the high costs, New Jersey is currently promoting many other forms of renewable energy. The following is an overview of the various opportunities, beyond investment in solar power, available to New Jersey’s business community.

In the article Beyond Solar: New Jersey's Committment to Renewable Energy, Lisa Murtha Bromberg and Steven P. Gouin discuss the issues sorrounding solar energy and the other forms of renewable energy available to New Jersey companies.

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